Chiropractor vs. Physical Therapist: When? | Being Open-minded in Healing


Previous experiences — whether with a certain doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist — can often set our expectations for future appointments. If we have only always seen a physiotherapist before, we may be reluctant to see a chiropractor. The same goes both ways too; some people may not understand how a physiotherapist can help if they have always seen a chiropractor. 

Physio doing an initial consult with patient


I’ve always been seeing a chiro/physio before. Can I just stick with the same treatments?

We understand that you may have sought out different types of treatment for your condition. Even if you have had prior experience with a chiropractor/physiotherapist before, it is worth coming in for a consultation if you still haven’t found a method that works for you. 

Perhaps there’s a solution your previous practitioner may not have seen or addressed before, and this is where we come in. Our team works in a way where we get TWO experts in their field to look at your condition — two collaborative heads are better than one. We approach each case with both chiropractic and physiotherapy in mind. Healing can come in many different forms, and our physiotherapists & chiropractors are always open-minded to refer patients to each other, or other specialists, as and when you need it.


Really? Isn’t physiotherapy and chiropractic two different things?

Both physiotherapy and chiropractic care specialise in different things, but both also have these same benefits. You can also read Healthline’s extensive write -up on the similarities.

  1. Personalized Consult & Treatment

The initial consultation is one of the most important steps of your care. Both our chiropractors/physiotherapists are equally trained to assess what is going on in your body and how best to provide a treatment that can provide relief. Patients may often even find that they will receive unique treatments from one visit to the next.

  1. Non-Invasive and Safe

Many doctors today will refer their patients to physiotherapists or chiropractors before advising for invasive medical treatment, and many will also advise against long-term painkiller use. Getting the opinion of a chiropractor/physiotherapist can help the patient make better-informed decisions about their needs and what can be a long-term sustainable solution to their pain.

  1. Near-Immediate Improvement in Pain

Many patients who see our chiropractors and physiotherapists report feeling immediate or near-immediate relief from their pain, which sets the foundation for future progress. 


Regardless of who you see for your condition, there is sure to be something that can be done in the clinic on your first visit! Ready to make your appointment? Call us on +603 6419 3918 or WhatsApp us today!