What is it?

severity of ankle sprain


‘Sprains’ is a term for any ligaments in your body that have been injured. Very common examples are ankle sprains (e.g. when you trip and twist your ankle too hard), or wrist sprains (e.g. when you fall on your outstretched hand). Sprains can happen in almost any joint in your body, and for different degrees of sprains, the treatments and recovery times may vary. 


Some of the Signs and Symptoms are:

  • Pain at the joint after an injury
  • Swelling over the joint
  • Bruising (Blue-blacks, or redness)
  • Difficulty moving the joint 


What can be done?
Active rehabilitation to the affected joint is important to prevent stiffness of the joint that will affect movements in the future. Strengthening of the muscles around the joint is also important as an injured ligament causes reduced stability to the joint. Soft tissue therapy to surrounding swollen/tight muscles and ESWT may be used to accelerate healing. If movements are very painful, taping to rest stressed muscles or reduce swelling may be done. 


Can this be prevented?
It is hard to prevent the OCCURRENCE  of injuries, especially if you are a very active person. But what we can guarantee is helping you through the recovery of those injuries so you can get back to your activities and understand the strengthening that needs to be done to prevent the SEVERITY of it when accidents happen. 


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