First hand account to advanced spinal decompression

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One of our team members have recently become a father. Besides the lack of sleep, he has also unfortunately developed a poor posture due to the feeding and carrying. Over time, Keith developed some numbness and tingling radiating down one of his arms. It all started when he was reaching for something over head, which then caused an immediate muscle spasm.

After relaying his condition with the rest of the team, the initial working diagnosis was for a tight subscapularis muscle due to the poor posture. One of the rehab specialist pin pointed the area that might’ve caused the muscle to spasm and initiated some rehab exercises to help ease the muscle tightness. Keith did have some chiropractic adjustments on top of his rehab sessions, but the numbness and tingling still was present.

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During one of his chiropractic sessions, Keith was asked to do some tests to determine if there might be some nerve impingement that might be causing the numbness and tingling. He was later referred to undergo an Xray to confirm the team’s diagnosis. At Spinefit, we do not refer our practice members to undergo an Xray unless it is absolutely necessary and crucial for the team to know exactly how severe the condition is.


A rather straight neck there!

In the Xray, it also showed that Keith might’ve had a whiplash in the past. This was confirmed when he mentioned he did have a cycling accident a few years ago. Once the team was satisfied with what they saw on the Xray, Keith was immediately treated with daily spinal decompression for his neck over the next couple of weeks.

With the spinal decompression treatment, Keith immediately saw an improvement to his condition. Over the course of the treatment, the numbness and tingling began to reduce with noticeable difference. Chiropractic treatments were also targeted specifically to the area of concern. By the end of his spinal decompression treatment programme, Keith’s numbness and tingling were gone.


However, this isn’t the end. He still has to continue with regular rehab sessions together with the rehab team to help restore strength back to his arm. The healing is a process and the absence of the numbness and tingling did not mean that Keith was fully recovered.

It was unfortunate that Keith developed a poor posture feeding his baby (with his neck looking down) and as a result, escalated Keith’s condition. However, he was glad that he was able to experience first hand the benefits of advanced spinal decompression treatment for his neck.

At the time of writing, Keith has made amazing improvements and was able to reduce the frequency of his spinal decompression and chiropractic treatments. In addition to his recovery process, the team tweaked his rehab programme so that Keith could include some of the exercises during his regular workouts at the gym.

If you, or someone you know can relate to Keith’s recovery process, why not make an initial consultation with us to see if advanced spinal decompression is the treatment you will need.