Healthy diet for spine and joint care

Many times we get asked here in the clinic, “Is there anything specific I can eat to help with my spine and/or joint recovery?” Although we don’t prescribe any kinds of medication as part of our treatment process, there are certain vitamin rich foods we would encourage our practice members to include with their diet. Foods rich in calcium for example, promotes bone health and that, would be a good place to start.



Calcium is crucial in maintaining the necessary level of bone mass to support the structures of the body. The body is constantly using calcium for the heart, blood, muscles and nerves. Calcium is lost through normal bodily processes such as waste and the shedding of hair, fingernails, sweat and skin. If someone does not take enough calcium in their diet to replenish the body’s daily use, the body would start to take calcium away from the bones. This would weaken the bone structures and make them susceptible to fractures.

Bone mineral density or BMD, is an assessment of bone density which indicates the strength of bones as defined by calcium content. Low BMD is more predictable with aging and lower weight therefore increasing the risk of fractures and could eventually lead to osteoporosis. It’s important to include calcium into your everyday diet to ensure you are within the healthy BMD range. To find out where you are on the BMD scale, a BMD test can be done at specialist hospitals or orthopaedic centres.

Food rich in calcium include dairy products (e.g. yoghurt, cheese, milk), dark green leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach and broccoli), beans/peas (e.g. tofu, peanuts, almonds, beans) and some types of fish (e.g. salmon, sardines), just to name a few. For example, rolled oats or granola together with yoghurt, make a fantastic breakfast option. By adding nuts and/or seeds, it’ll make your breakfast power packed with calcium, protein and Omega 3! Rolled oats are also a great source of fibre and great for keeping the heart healthy.



With these information and our constant desire to see our practice members have strong healthy bones, we at Spinefit Chiropractic would like to make it more accessible for our practice members to eat calcium rich foods. As a start, we would like to launch a healthy breakfast initiative, since breakfast is also the most important meal of the day and it would be a great way to give the body a calcium boost!

We will be working with a like-minded local Malaysian startup who is committed to enable people in this region to access healthy, delicious and affordable treats. Our collaboration with their amazing team will ensure their supply of a healthy breakfast alternative will help towards spine, joint recovery and promote overall bone health. So, watch this space as we roll out our healthy breakfast initiative over the next couple of months.

For more information on how the diet plays a crucial role in spine and joint care, speak to our Chiropractors or Nutrition Consultant on your next visit. Alternatively, you can make an appointment with us by calling our clinic during business hours on 03-64193918, drop us an email or make your online booking for your initial consultation here.