I Have Pain; Who Should I See

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A common comment that we often get is, “I’m not sure who I should be seeing – the chiro or the physio?” That is a really good question, because both chiropractors and physiotherapists have their own unique skill sets to treat physical conditions. 

On deciding which to see, it will help to identify what the issue is.

chiropractor adjusting neck of practice member

Chiropractors concentrate on your nervous system, and how it relates to pain management and the body’s ability to heal itself. Is your issue… Restrictions in the spine can interfere with your nerves, causing you pain or discomfort in areas of your body that you may not realize are connected to the spine such as headaches, sciatica, or numbness in the arms and feet. Feeling stiff and sore frequently, which is relieved by movement or massages, usually indicates restrictions that can be aided by chiropractic care.


physiotherapist assessing patient's knee
Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists assess your range of motion, pain, strength, and movement patterns to identify any movement and muscle dysfunctions that are contributing to your pain. Is your issue… Physiotherapists help to restore strength, balance and mobility of the muscles through rehabilitative exercises to restore function in your daily life, and to prevent future injuries. It may also include dry needling, sports massages, or shockwave therapy to aid your body in healing. 


Chiropractic Physiotherapy
  • Related to the spine/back/neck OR joints?
  • Feeling stiff, achy, and sore all the time?
  • Are these episodes not frequent?
  • Does it feel worse if you sit or stand for a long time, and improve when you get some  movement going?
  • Helped with any form of manual therapy before (Such as massages)?
  • Do you feel any pain or unusual sensations in places other than your neck/low back?

If you’ve checked off most of these boxes, you might be suitable to have a consultation with a chiropractor. 

  • Related and more localized to your upper limbs (shoulder, wrist, elbow) or lower limbs (hips, knee, ankle)?
  • Does it feel like your muscles are restricting your movements or causing pain?
  • Does pressing on certain points cause you any discomfort/sharp pain?
  • Does the pain radiate away from those points when you press on them?
  • Are these issues recurrent and frequent?
  • Do you feel weakness when performing your daily activities (working, lifting or carrying things, etc) OR do you feel your body gets tired frequently?

If you’ve checked off most of these boxes, you might be suitable to have a consultation with a physiotherapist.



What not many people realise is that chiropractors and physiotherapists both complement each other well, and combine to give results in the fastest time possible.

Before knowing which one to see for treatment, it is advisable to have a consultation first with either a chiropractor or physiotherapist, as BOTH are capable of diagnosing issues related to the neuromusculoskeletal system! Once a diagnosis is achieved and the root cause of the problem is understood, the patient can be referred to either the chiro/physio or both for the most appropriate care.

Watch the videos below to understand how our team of practitioners work together to get you better!