What Goes On In Our Initial Consultation Sessions Before Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Treatments?

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We always start with an initial consultation session for anyone who comes to our clinic for the first time, regardless of whether they have been involved in chiropractic or physiotherapy sessions before in a different place.


Why You Need An Initial Consultation?

Initial consultations are crucial for our clinic, and we always set aside 30 minutes for each consultation because it allows the clinicians to understand your health concerns, medical records, current condition, and treatment goals.

Imagine that you have a stomach ache that’s been going on for a week, and you pay and schedule a GP consultation. You walk into the room, have a seat, and tell the doctor that you’re currently experiencing a tummy ache. Without any questions asked, the doctor then tells you that you’ll receive a prescription for acid reflux, avoid eating spicy food for the time being, and to come back in a week if symptoms haven’t subsided. In and out in 5 minutes – how would that encounter make you feel?

With patient-centered care in mind, we try to avoid that situation regarding our initial consultation: listening first and movement prescription after. We aim to establish rapport with our clients, identify what points in their medical history have contributed to their current condition, determine the best working diagnosis, and set the right treatment expectations for their individual timelines.

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The Process of Our Initial Consultation

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists also do their physical assessments to identify the cause of your issues. Aside from questions about your medical history, they also run through a series of physical assessments and special tests involving you moving your body or them moving your body! The findings of these movements often help narrow down movement dysfunctions happening in your body, contributing to your condition.

For example:  A group of assessments called Cluster of Laslett can be used to identify if your hip pain is coming from your sacroiliac joints; assessments in Cool’s shoulder algorithm can assess if your shoulder pain is coming from your tendons, muscle weakness, or even the labrum, etc.

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Importance of Initial Consultation Before Selecting Our Treatment Plan

The most important part of your visit with us is definitely the initial consultation! During the consultation, our practitioners can establish rapport with prospective clients, identify the diagnosis, set treatment expectations, and begin effective treatment immediately.

Moreover, the initial consultation sets the stage for follow-up appointments and ongoing care, where treatment plans are adjusted based on the patient’s progress.

Ultimately, these consultation services are essential for building trust between us and the client, ensuring effective communication, and tailoring treatment to each patient’s individual needs. This leads to better treatment outcomes and patient engagement, which is a win-win for everyone.

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