Into the unknown

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Hopefully the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) period will give us all some time to think, reflect and catch up with our own immediate family members at home. For some of us in the team, the RMO has allowed for some much needed quality meal times with our very busy household – which is a great thing!

It’s also a time to catch up on long overdue household chores, spring cleaning and for a couple of us, a time to get through some clinical readings. But for the most of us, who are extroverts, staying indoors for this prolonged period is going to challenge us.

Spinefit team meeting from home
The team having a meeting remotely

The events leading up to the RMO have certainly been unprecedented and gave anyone of us very little control over. We are, figuratively speaking, “sailing into the unknown“! We can only hope and pray that everyone will be sensible and responsible enough to adhere to the RMO as mandated by the Federal Malaysian Government so that the spread of the Covid19 outbreak can be slowed.

Moving forward towards April 2020, we will make some key changes as to how we operate our practice so that we can still continue to address your complaints in a safe and comfortable manner. These are extra steps we will be taking on top of our current SOPs of pre-screenings and temperature checks.

Some of these changes include:

  1. Reduced number of people in the practice at any one time,
  2. Practitioners to work in staggered shifts (Morning & Afternoon) to cover longer opening hours and,
  3. Temporary extension of our opening hours (till June 2020).
Temporary Opening Hours June 2020

We hope that the worst is over and there will be a solution to this virus as soon as possible. As mentioned in the video by our GM, Keith, the decision to adhere to the RMO as a practice wasn’t an easy one. Shutting the practice down for two whole weeks in this tough economic environment, is the craziest thing to do.

However, this decision was a collective decision made by everyone at Spinefit and we wanted to be responsible to our Practice Members, our immediate family members as well as the wider Malaysian public.

So, into the unknown we sail, and if you’re a faith person like some of us are, the only thing we can do right now, is to keep praying, trusting and believing that it will eventually be, OK.

Stay strong, stay healthy and please, stay at home!