Lower Back Pain in Cyclists

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One of our team member is an avid mountain biker. According to him, many of his cyclist friends complain about pain in the lower back area. One would think this is contrary to belief since a cyclist is often using their legs and the pain would be in their knees. However, research has shown that many cyclists often have pain in the lower back as a result of various issues.



One of these issues is a result of improper bike fitting. This issue could be easily rectified by going to a local bike shop and getting one of their knowledgeable bike mechanics to help get your bike properly fitted for you. A simple change in the saddle height or handlebar distance could mean a more comfortable ride. These subtle changes could also reduce the lower back pain.

We did have a Practice Member who made some adjustments to their bike saddle and because of that small change, it resulted with a chronic lower back pain that put them off cycling for about 4 months! In situations like these, after an initial consultation and assessment, the Practice Member will be recommended a treatment programme that not only places them on a road to recovery but also to get them back into their activities (i.e. cycling, running or gymming, etc.).

Below, we have the guys from Global Cycling Network (GCN) giving some tips on riding techniques to help prevent lower back pain. Alternatively, Cycling Weekly UK has a fantastic video that has Matt Rabin (Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team’s Chiropractor) running through 3 basic exercises that can help reduce lower back pain.

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However, if you’re still unsure about these exercises and want to still get your lower back checked out, call us on 03-64193918 or click HERE to make your initial consultation with us (MYR150.00).