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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in Malaysia

If a healthy spine is your foundation, your muscles are what hold it up.

We go through life needing to move – it keeps our blood flowing, joints lubricated, and nerves healthy. When an injury or pain occurs, movement is impaired. Our body and life gets affected. 

Physiotherapists are trained to analyse your movement patterns and determine muscle imbalances that may be contributing to your problems. They help you activate and strengthen muscles for long-term prevention of injuries! 


What do Physiotherapists in Malaysia Do?

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What Are the Types of Physiotherapy Treatment?

Working with those above techniques, our physiotherapists are able to treat a wide range of people! From young children, the elderly, office workers, and sportsmen/sportswomen… We have:

  • Geriatric Physical Therapy

Our elderly population often have problems with pain and stiffness. Rehabilitation helps get their muscles feeling better and helps with movement as well. Depending on the severity of the condition, we have a wide range of gentle techniques to more active techniques that are tailored for their bodies.

  • Sports Physical Therapy

Sportspeople are often in need of more recovery time due to the high loads they put on their body daily. Physiotherapy in combination with chiropractic care can help with recovery to maintain the athlete’s body in optimal condition.

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy

This includes things like post-surgical rehabilitation of the knees, ankles, or hands; it also includes conditions that a person might be trying to avoid surgery for. Injured ligaments, tendons, and muscles often find relief through physiotherapy where it can also get them back to doing what they want to be doing without surgery.

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric physiotherapy involves children from the ages of a newborn till 12 years old! As the young person’s body begins to develop and mature, their skeleton and muscles also grow along with it. There are conditions that are specific to young children such as developmental delays, Osgood-Schlatters disease, and bow legs/knock knees, which physiotherapy may help.


What kind of conditions do Physiotherapists treat?

Regardless of the age OR activity level, our individualised Physiotherapy treatments often see great results with:

And of course, Physiotherapists work very closely together with Chiropractors to help ensure that the improvements gained in back and neck pain treatments remain long-term.


Misconceptions of Physiotherapy That You Should Know

Several misconceptions about Physiotherapy that we like to address early on:

1) “Physiotherapy is just massage/using electrotherapy.”

Massage and electrotherapy may make you feel good temporarily and has its place, but is no replacement for active movement, and here at Spinefit our aim is always to get you back to independence. However, we also utilise Sports Massage sessions for our athletes or those who need the right amount of touch, pressure, and stretch for their body to relax deeply and recover!

2) “Physiotherapy is just a bunch of stretches I can YouTube on my own.”

Physiotherapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Each patient has their own unique situation and your physiotherapist should create a unique plan that includes specific activities, exercises, and techniques to help you heal.

3) “Physiotherapists will only treat the injured area.”

The human body is made out of different parts that work together. You’d be surprised to find that the cause of your neck pain may in fact be coming from your shoulder or midback! That’s why we work closely with our chiropractors to make sure you get the most holistic approach.


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