Should an athlete see a chiropractor?

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As an athlete, its normal to get sores and aches from time to time due to high intensity training as well as games. Chiropractic care treatments are focused more towards passive care which could benefit athletes as the chiropractor does most of the work.

For an athlete, the biggest issue is staying fit and limiting injuries.

Dr. Chandra Nagendran

Depending on the nature and intensity of training, there’s a high chance that athletes will go through a period of feeling sore and stiff every few weeks. Things like adjustments where it addresses any restrictions in the spine or joints as well as soft tissue therapy i.e. massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling etc can help athletes recover quicker as well as perform more efficently. Furthermore, chiropractors also look to address any movement patterns that may be restricted or compensated to improve the athletes ability to perform under stressful conditions & at high levels.

Biases aside, as someone who is very active in sports, I tend to see a chiropractor once every 2-3 weeks to maintain my mobility and function so I can perform at the best of my ability as well as just to feel good and loose.

For an athlete, the biggest issue is staying fit and limiting injuries. By seeing a chiropractor regularly, as stated above, with their treatment modalities focused towards promoting function and mobility, this helps reduce the occurrences of injury.

Of course, not everything is that simple. In order to stay fit and injury free, strengthening and rehabilitation is also essential. Most athletes tend to lean more towards physiotherapist for all their aches and bodily needs. Why not try using both? Chiropractic and physiotherapy actually work very well hand in hand.

A chiropractor can first get the patient mobile and also improve function of the body, then the physiotherapist can help reinforce these changes through exercise, rehabilitation, taping and many more. Hence, with using both of these professions together, an athlete is able to achieve their goals as well as stay fit, efficient, consistent and injury free.

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Dr. Chandra is our latest addition to our team of practitioners. He was previously practicing in Perth, Australia before returning home to Kuala Lumpur this year to fulfil a lifelong dream to play professional futsal. Dr. Chandra currently plays for the KL City FC club (@kualalumpurcity.fc).