Spinal orthotics to restore the spine’s curvature

Over the past few years, we have been using a type of spinal orthotic together with our chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy rehab sessions as an added value service for our Practice Members. So, what exactly is a spinal orthotic and what does it do?

Most people are already familiar with orthotics for their feet (inserted into their shoes). The function of a pair of shoe in-sole orthotics is to help the person wearing it to correct the shape or function of the feet, ankles or lower limbs. Over time, it is the general idea that the body will begin to adapt and get used to the corrected position with the use of orthotics. With the addition of regular strengthening exercises, the muscles will eventually get strong enough to hold the corrected position or posture.


Cervical spinal orthotic


Much like in-sole orthotics, spinal orthotics work the same way. With the consistent use of these spinal orthotics, it is seen to assist in the correction of poor spinal curves as well as improve movement. The poor spinal curves mentioned here refers to the changes of the normal curvatures in a spine (See our previous post) as a result of our poor postures specifically. Ideally, our neck and lower back should be arching inwards (lordosis) and the upper back arching outwards (kyphosis). The spinal orthotics help to restore back these healthy and normal curvatures in a spine as these blocks are placed underneath a person’s spine as they lie down for a set amount of time.

illustration of different postures and spine curvature

We have seen many of our Practice Members benefit from our use of the spinal orthotics. There are also specific spinal orthotics and settings that we use for individuals who come in with scoliosis. The usage of spinal orthotics in scoliosis allows the spine to be more flexible as it helps to correct the muscular imbalance that is commonly associated with scoliosis. With the correct placement of the spinal orthotics along the spine, it helps to manage scoliosis better in addition to chiropractic and rehabilitation treatment.


Spinal orthotics for Practice Members with scoliosis


To see how our trained practitioners prescribe the use of spinal orthotics as part of their chiropractic and physiotherapy rehab treatments or to see if spinal orthotics would aid in your overall spinal health, visit us for an initial consultation. If you’re interested, you could also read a first hand account of Ms Sue Williams and her experience with spinal orthotics as part of her chiropractic treatments as reported in Australia’s The Age newspaper.