Staying ahead of the haze

At the time of writing, certain places in Sarawak and Selangor have an API (Air Pollution Index) readings of between 200 to as high as 290+! Schools in these these states as well as Putrajaya have been ordered to close for the safety and health of the students.

haze in the city

Events all around Malaysia have been cancelled or postponed due to the severely high API readings. In 2015, the Standard Chartered KL Marathon was cancelled due to the haze and only time will tell if this years’ marathon will take place if the haze condition continues to worsen.

As we regularly champion our Practice Members to continually stay healthy by encouraging them to be active, we understand that with the current unhealthy weather it would push all activities indoors. For those of you fortunate enough to live in a condominium with gym facilities, we strongly encourage you to keep up with your exercises in there.

group of people in spin class
Great time to get on to the ClassPass app and check out some great fitness & exercise studios
(Photo: Time Out)

But for the times we have to move between our homes and work, or the car and the places we have to be at; you can stay one step ahead by protecting yourself from being exposed to the unhealthy air. You could wear an N95 type mask or you could also consider an anti-pollution mask like the ones from MEO Air.

We recently started stocking these premium, high quality and innovative anti-pollution New Zealand made face masks and our stock has been flying off our shelves! They come in a variety of colours and sizes in either a disposable version or a reusable/washable version with replaceable filters.

meo face mask

The unique thing about the MEO range of face mask is their use of wool in their proprietary Helix™ Filters as it has proven to outperform synthetic materials as well as inhibiting the growth of bacteria! According to MEO, the Helix™ Filter Media is extremely efficient at capturing PM2.5 particles making it ideal for our current hazy conditions.

The fit of the MEO face mask is snug, adapting to the contour of the wearers’ facial profile ensuring a good seal, unlike the standard N95 face masks. MEO has also tried to make these masks look fashionable and designed them to have a lower profile as compared to the more industrial looking anti-pollution face masks.

If you’re keen to stay ahead of the current hazy weather or if you just want to be safe as you go about your daily activities or commute, putting on an anti-pollution face mask is a definite must. If you’re looking for a well-made, premium quality anti-pollution face mask, you must give the MEO Air face mask a try.

Drop by our clinic to give it a look if you’re around the area!