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Often times we may start and end our activities without doing a proper warm up/down. It doesn’t help when we are cramming in a workout during our lunch hour or when time isn’t on our side. Stretching then takes a back seat or becomes completely non-existent in our workout routines.

Stretching is a very important component in a workout routine as it can prevent injuries and activate muscles before a workout. With the help of our resident rehab specialist, Julian Koay, we will briefly highlight some of the key areas related to stretching.


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1. What is stretching?

By definition, stretching means to lengthen. In the case of physical wellness, stretching refers to the lengthening and elongation of ones muscles and its associated soft tissues. As an individual consistently stretches, the muscles adapt to the stretching process and changes begin to take place. These changes happen for the better and help with muscle development.


2. Why is it important to stretch?

Stretching improves performance by increasing the range of movement around the joints. This allows the joints to have more flexibility, enabling the muscles to work more effectively. Proper stretching techniques can also improve a person’s posture, thereby reducing back or neck aches. When proper stretching is included in a post-workout routine, blood flow is improved allowing for better muscle recovery.


3. What kind of stretches can I do?

Some of the types of stretching you can do include moving (or dynamic) stretches, ballistic, bouncing and static (or slow) stretches. A great resource with information on hamstring stretches to help those with lower back pain can be found here. Otherwise, you can always check in with either myself or Synthia the next time you visit us at Spinefit Chiropractic.


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So in your next workout, remember to include stretching as part of your routine. There are many resources on the web on the different types of stretches you can do. However, if you’re unsure about the types of stretches that are suitable for your condition, make an appointment to see us and our team would be more than happy to run through these with you.


Julian at our recent informative evening at Revelation Republic Gym, PJ

We’ve also received a new batch of FlexBands (resistive exercise bands) that come in Light, Medium and Heavy. These bands are durable and can be taken with you anywhere. There are a few stretches you can do that incorporates the use of these FlexBands and it can help with strengthening your muscles at the same time too. Cost for each band varies depending on the resistance level.