Telehealth (Online Consultations)

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telehealth online consultation at spinefit
Here are some minimum requirements that would help make the online consultation sessions successful.


A. What to expect from this session:

  1. Your practitioner will give a brief introduction to the online consultation session and how it will be conducted
  2. Brief history will be taken to understand your complaint or condition
  3. You may be guided to perform a physical examination by your practitioner (hence the space requirements)
  4. The practitioner will share their observations and findings to give clarity to your condition as well as put any concerns to rest
  5. To progress, home exercises and certain lifestyle advice will be prescribed to help you as you begin your recovery journey with Spinefit


B. Here is an E.A.S.Y. step for your setup:

  •  Electronic device
    • Mobile phone (preferably a smartphone), iPad, laptop/PC with webcam capabilities
    • Devices must be able to support face to face video communication applications such as Facetime, Whatsapp video, Zoom etc. 
    • Enough battery life for the session (fully charged or connected to a power source)
    • Should the call quality during our session be inadequate, we will contact you via WhatsApp video/voice call to reconnect (please insert your WhatsApp/FaceTime enabled mobile number when filling in the initial consultation form)

  • Attire & Audio   
    • Sports/Gym attire (slightly fitting is recommended for ease of movement and for us to see your movements)
    • Headphones with microphone capabilities (if possible)
  • Smooth connection
    • Ensure you have a good & stable internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data)
  • Yoga Mat
    • Additional equipment such as chair and full body towel is recommended


C. Recommendations for a S.A.F.E. space for your session:

  • Suitable
    Your safety is our priority, please choose a suitable safe corner in your home during the online consultation session.
    Examples: living room, study room, bed room etc.
  • Adequate space:
    Please make sure there is enough space during the session as your practitioner may advise for you to move around during the consultation.
    Length: enough space between you and your device to take a full body picture
    Width: 1.5x of your arms length
  • Free of obstacles:
    Please re-arrange or reorganize furniture that may be obstructing the space around you during the session.
  • Environment
    Good lighting is encouraged for better visual assessment by your practitioner. Try to find a quiet space or minimize any background noise during the session for clarity.


D. Finally, before the start of our session with you:

  1. Come prepared 5-10 mins before your chosen appointment time
  2. Make sure to have followed the E.A.S.Y. steps above and be in the right attire 
  3. Click on the Join Appointment link provided in your appointment confirmation 



“Just remember, online consultations are E.A.S.Y. & S.A.F.E!”

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