What is kinesio taping?

We’ve seen it on TV and sometimes even at the gym. People with bright coloured tape stuck on various places around their bodies. Ever wondered what they were?


Essentially, those bright coloured tape is used to either prevent or treat athletic injuries. These tapes or kinesiology tapes, are made of thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strips with an acrylic adhesive on the under side. The thickness and elasticity of these kinesiology tapes are almost identical to a second skin allowing the person to wear it without feeling uncomfortable or restrictive.


Kinesio taping can benefit a wide range of people. With the correct use of kinesio taping, a person can improve their athletic performance, reduce the risk of a sports injury and for someone with an injury, return them to sports quicker.

For more information or clarification on how you can benefit from kinesio taping, drop by our clinic and speak with our team members. We also do offer kinesio taping services (at a small fee) as well if you’re unsure on the proper way to tape.