BIXEPS: The Future of Recovery


A first-in-the-market technology, BIXEPS utilizes non-invasive magnetic fields to improve muscle function, enhance recovery, and encourage cellular regeneration WITHOUT physical strain

Years of scientific research into how electromagnetic fields can successfully activate mitochondria – cell organelles that generate the chemical energy needed for ALL parts of our bodies to function – accumulated into this patented technology by Singapore’s NUS and Switzerland’s ETH Zurich. 

The outcomes are:

  • Reduced pain & fatigue
  • Reduced duration of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Increases in lean muscle mass 
  • Improved training outcomes

Fast Track Your Recovery

We help people in pain avoid surgery so that the pause button on their life doesn’t last forever.

Who is BIXEPS suitable for?

The combination of age-related muscle mass loss (sarcopenia), joint degeneration (osteoarthritis), and a longer history of muscle damage in active people causes a decrease in quality of life & increases mortality rates. BIXEPS in conjunction with lifestyle changes can bring that back. 

  • Elderly populations who are experiencing painful joints from degeneration
  • Injured individuals finding it difficult to recover
  • Athletic and active individuals who are looking to speed up their muscle recovery, reduce fatigue and improve performance
  • Post-surgical recovery after knee/ankle reconstructions 

How long does BIXEPS take to work?

Our studies show that a 10-minute BIXEPS session is the most effective in producing cellular  changes over a period of 12 weeks.

An assessment by our certified practitioners can also help to identify other movement and lifestyle changes needed to accelerate the healing process, hence our recommendation to complement the BIXEPS session with either chiropractic or physiotherapy.

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Malaysian Product Classification No. REF: MDAPC2023036