Postural Corrections and Misalignment

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What is it?
Majority of us are aware that having good posture is something that can help to avoid and prevent injuries. 

More importantly is having a posture that allows us to move through an entire range of motion – for example, someone with ‘good’ posture that looks upright may also have a lot of tightness and stiffness; and someone with ‘bad’ posture that is always slouching may have difficulty going all the way upright. 

normal spine vs kyphosis vs hyperlordosis

If we are in a single position for most of the day (e.g. standing/walking in heels, or sitting in front of the computer), muscle strains and fatigue can happen, predisposing us to future injury. Poor work environment and incorrect working posture can also contribute to poor body positioning.


What can be done?
Good posture that you can control through a good range enables our bones and joints to be in correct alignment so that our muscles are working more efficiently. This decreases too much stress on joint surfaces and ligaments that hold our skeleton together, and allows the body to use less energy during movement or activities. Injuries are then minimised. Chiropractic and physiotherapy helps improve posture by decreasing stiffness and restrictions, and improving muscle awareness and strength.


Can this be prevented?
Once you are equipped with the understanding of your own body and how it moves according to the daily stresses that you put it through, wellness chiropractic/physiotherapy programmes can help to keep your body in optimum condition and prevent injuries.


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